List Of Ryanair’s Cancelled Routes For Winter 2017

Following all the recent issues surrounding staff shortages Ryanair has now cancelled 34 of its routes for the Winter 2017/18 season - here is the list as it stands right now.
Norwegian & Ryanair

Low Cost Carriers Continue UK Expansion

Low Cost Carriers like Norwegian and Ryanair a seem to be on an expansion mission right now with a rapid series of announcements detailing new routes and increased frequencies on short-haul flights from UK regional airports. In addition, Norwegian has been outlining some ambitious plans for log-haul expansion out of London Gatwick.
Michael O'Leary

The Best Michael O’Leary Quotes

While reading up on Michael O'Leary for the article I wrote about Ryanair and British Airways I came across a lot of quotes that he has come out with...

Is Hell Freezing Over? (Ryanair Looking To Work With British Airways)

Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) have traditionally had somewhat fractious relationships with full-service (legacy) airlines and Ryanair's relationship with British Airways has been no different. Michael O'...


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