Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express review (2023)

To get the most out of a miles or points balance takes work and often quite a bit of effort. People with busy lives and families to look after generally don't have the time or energy to deal with all of that and this a big reason why cash back credit cards are so incredibly popular and why the Blue Cash Preferred Card is a card that would work well in most wallets.

Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® card review (2023)

Just a couple of years ago, the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card was just another co-branded business credit card that offered a good earning rate at Marriott properties and a few good benefits too. Then, in late March 2020, came a small but key policy change that made the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card an invaluable tool for anyone seeking easy Marriott Bonvoy status.

American Express® Gold Card review (2023)

The American Express® Gold Card is a key card in Amex's Membership Rewards ecosystem as it offers the best earning rates out of any American Express card in select major spending categories. It's a card that offers valuable benefits that help cardholders offset the annual fee and as it earns a currency that's transferable to an impressive variety of airline and hotel loyalty programs, it's a card that can help cardholders make significant savings on aspirational travel bookings.

This excellent cash back card continues to charge a $0 annual fee in the...

When it comes to spending at US supermarkets and spending with the major streaming services, the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express offers the best rate of cash back out of any card on the market. Add to that the good cash back rates for spending on transit and at US gas stations and you have one of the best cash back cards around. Ordinarily, this card costs $95/year to hold, but right now you can try it out without having to pay an annual fee in your first year.

Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express Review (2023) – A “must have”...

There aren't many credit cards that I consider to be "must-have" cards for any serious miles and points fan, but the Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express is definitely one of them. This card comes with no annual fee and is one of the more rewarding cards you'll find for spending in non-bonused categories.

Interesting: Amex removes Frontier as a Platinum Card airline credit option

A number of American Express Platinum Cards offer cardholders an airline fee credit as a way of helping them offset part of their card's annual fee (or, as a way of helping them justify their card's annual fee) but at some point in the past few days, this benefit became a little weaker.

Check if you’ll be approved for an Amex card without it impacting your credit...

American Express has confirmed that it's piloting a new "experience" for consumers, which will allow select applicants to find out if they'll be approved for their preferred Amex card without having their credit score affected (i.e. Without a hard pull on their credit file).

This great no annual fee card is still offering a 15,000 point welcome bonus

The Blue Business® Plus credit card From American Express is a favorite card of mine (I even included it in my ideal 4-card American Express Membership Rewards team). but historically, this was a card that didn't offer a welcome bonus. For a little over a year now, however, that hasn't been the case but as I have no idea how much longer this bonus offer will be around (possibly another year!), it seems to be worth highlighting.

Improved CLEAR benefit now live on the American Express® Green Card

On Friday last week, I reported that despite the lack of any obvious public announcement, Amex was going to be improving the CLEAR benefit that the American Express® Green Card offers. Well, as of today that improvement is live.

Which Delta SkyMiles consumer credit card is best for you? (a comparison)

American Express issues four very different Delta consumer SkyMiles co-branded cards so to make it a little easier to decide which (if any) of these cards would work best in your wallet, this article compares the annual fees, the earning rates, and the key benefits that these cards offer in an easily digestible format.

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