Finnair is bringing its new Business Class & Premium Economy cabins to Miami

Towards the beginning of the year, Finnair surprised quite a few people when it unveiled a new and very different Business Class seat alongside its long rumored Premium Economy Cabin. Since then, we've seen the new cabins appearing on select routes to Asia as well as on a couple of Finnair's US routes, and now they're coming to Miami. 

Finnair is bringing its new Business & Premium Economy cabins to the United States

Back in February, Finnair surprised the world when it unveiled a new (and different) Business Class seat alongside a new Premium Economy Cabin. At the time, it was thought that until a significant number of Finnair's long-haul aircraft had been retrofitted with the new cabins, the new seats would be limited to the airline's Asia routes but as it turns out, that's not going to be the case.

Finnair’s delayed Dallas route will launch in 3 days

In the past year, we've seen Finnair placing more emphasis on the US market with the addition of new services to Miami, Los Angeles, and New York as well as the promise of a new service to Seattle from 1 June. The airline was also supposed to be launching flights between Helsinki and Dallas/Fort Worth in February but for reasons that Finnair never really clarified, that route was delayed. 

This is the new Finnair Premium Economy cabin

Earlier today I wrote about Finnair revealing an entirely new Business Class cabin but, arguably, the bigger news of the day was that Finnair has also said that it will be fitting a Premium Economy cabin to all of its long-haul aircraft for the first time in its history.

Finnair unveils its new Business Class Cabin

Finnair has been teasing this for weeks, but today the teasing ended and the airline finally unveiled its new Business Class cabin, a reworked Economy Class cabin, and announced that it will be introducing a long-haul Premium Economy cabin for the first time in its history. This post will look a the new Business Class cabin while subsequent posts will explore the new Economy and Premium Economy cabins. 

Finnair will launch yet another new US route in 2022

As far as its US network is concerned, it has been a big six months for Finnair. In July it announced a new service between Stockholm and Miami, in September it announced new routes from Stockholm to Los Angeles and New York, and in November it announced a new route between Helsinki and Dallas Fort Worth that's set to launch in February 2022. Now the airline has gone a step further and announced yet another new US Route which will launch in summer 2022.
Finnair A350 Business Class Seat

Finnair Europe Black Friday Sale: Great Business Class fares to Asia & USA

Finnair has launched its Black Friday sale and in contrast to a lot of the other airline sales that we've been seeing, this one is definitely worth a closer look. Great deals are available out of at least five European counties (including the UK) and while most of the good Business Class fares center around a handful of cities in Asia, there are good fares available on two of Finnair's new USA routes too.
Finnair A350 Business Class Cabin

Finnair Announces Two New US Routes & Increases Service To Chicago

Following on from its July announcement of new routes from Stockholm to Bangkok, Phuket, and Miami, Finnair has now confirmed that it plans to launch two more US routes out of the Swedish capital and that it plans to turn what has traditionally been a transatlantic summer route into a route that's operated year-round.

Finnair Adds A New 7th Freedom Flight To The United States

Finnair has announced that it plans to base three of its Airbus A350 aircraft at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport this coming winter season and use them to operate three new 7th freedom flights. Two of these flights will be heading to Asia while the third will be crossing the Atlantic to the United States.

Finnair’s Business Light Fares May Not Be So Bad (For Some)

For the past few days, things have been looking pretty gloomy on the Finnair Business Class fares front, but a little bit of digging has revealed that the news may not be quite as bad as we thought. In fact, the news could have been a lot worse.

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