British Airways announces five more ‘Avios only’ flights for 2023/24

In recent times, Qantas is probably the best known airline to publish flights on which all seats can only be purchased using miles or points (rather than cash), but in April this year, British Airways joined in the fun when it announced 'Avios only' flights to/from Sharm El Sheikh and Geneva.

I tried out the British Airways ‘Best Price Guarantee’ earlier today

The fact that most large hotel chains offer some sort of guarantee that the price a customer will pay when they book directly through them is the lowest price available is pretty well known. What appears to be less well known is that a number of airlines offer a similar policy and earlier, I finally had a chance to see how well (or badly!) BA's best price guarantee policy can work.

Buy British Airways Avios with a 50% bonus (best bonus offered)

British Airways is running another Avios sale and as we have seen in the past, it's offering a bonus of up to 50% on Avios purchases as long as they're completed by the end of the day on 19 December 2022.

[Updated] Did British Airways just slash award surcharges for US departures? (Yes & No)

British Airways appears to be pushing through some big changes to its loyalty program today and because we haven't yet had a public announcement from the airline, it's not yet clear what all the changes will look like.

The British Airways Avios calculator appears to be returning some odd results

The British Airways Avios calculator can be a very useful tool for anyone wanting to see how many Avios and Tier Points they'll earn from whatever bookings they're making or planning but right now, I'm not convinced that it's showing the correct information.

Coming soon: Earn Avios on Uber rides taken in the UK

British Airways has announced that at some point later this month, members of its Executive Club loyalty program will be able to collect Avios every time they make a booking through the Uber app in the UK.

British Airways has announced a less than stellar “Double Avios” promotion

Shortly after letting the cat out of the bag and letting us know that we will all soon be earning a lot fewer Avios when we fly, British Airways has, without irony, launched a new Double Avios promotion. For some, this will be a nice bonus. For most, this will be a big disappointment.

The inevitable British Airways Executive Club devaluation is on its way

It has been rumored for some time and now, thanks to a press release from Iberia, we know that the British Airways Executive Club will take its first step towards being a revenue-based program at some point in 2023.

British Airways introduces a new Avios subscription service (buy Avios from 1.53 cents or...

In what may be a world-first for a major airline loyalty program, the British Airways Executive Club has introduced a subscription service that permits its members to purchase its currency at a highly discounted rate. As usual, those with US-based Executive Accounts get a worse deal than those with a UK-based account but for some, this new program may offer an easy (if a little risky) way to save some cash.

Quick tip: You may be able to book British Airways awards further out than...

British Airways opens up award space further out that a lot of other airlines but even if you know that BA will start opening awards up to 24 days before the likes of American Airlines and Delta start to do the same, you may not find that award space if you're not being careful with your searches.

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