Earn double points on select Marriott Homes & Villas bookings (through 19 December)

If you ever miss out on a Marriott Homes & Villas promotion, don't worry as another promotion is almost certainly around the corner. To prove that point, just days after the last promotion ended, the Homes and Villas team has just launched a new deal in which select bookings will (again) earn double Bonvoy points.

A mostly pointless Marriott Bonvoy elite status is getting more expensive

Ambassador Elite status is the very highest level of status that you can earn with the Marriott Bonvoy program and it's the only Bonvoy Elite status that currently comes with a spending requirement. In 2023, that spending requirement will be going up.

Ends today: Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.83 cents each

This past seven days, Marriott has been running a pretty good points sale as part of its "Week of Wonders" promotion but, unfortunately, the sale (and the promotion week as a whole) ends today so you have just hours left to top up a Bonvoy account is the number work for you.

One week only: Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.83 cents each

Marriott has brought back a pretty good points sale this week in honor of its "Week of Wonders" promotion which runs through 13 October. Unlike last year's Week of Wonders offer, however, Bonvoy elite members are not being offered an extra 5% bonus this year.

Revealed: Marriott’s ‘Week of Wonders’ promotions (prepare for colossal disappointment)

A few days ago, I noted that Marriott was bringing back its 'Week of Wonders' promotion but at the time, details of the promotion were unavailable. Today, the promotion went live and the full extent of what Marriott is offering is now there for everyone to see.

Marriott’s ‘Week of Wonders’ promotion returns for 2022

It was in October 2020 that Marriott first introduced us to what it called its "Week of Wonders" promotion in which it offers a variety of deals and discounts across a period of 7 days. The promotion returned in October 2021 and as a new landing page is now up and running, it looks like the promotion is back for 2022 as well.

Will Marriott devalue Bonvoy Platinum Elite status?

It's not much of a secret that there are few things that Marriott likes more than a good old-fashioned devaluation so following the news that Bonvoy Platinum Elite status is now being handed out as a credit card benefit, speculation has been growing that the benefits associated with Platinum Elite status will soon be cut. So, is a devaluation imminent?

Which major hotel loyalty programs offer Lifetime Elite status?

Hotel elite status can be both vastly overrated and extremely useful depending on which status level and which hotel program we're discussing, and people's opinions can vary quite significantly. But, as a rule, having status is better than not having status so people will go to varying degrees of effort to maintain their hotel privileges from year to year.

Marriott Bonvoyed my Suite Night Awards too

Most people with extensive experience with Marriott know that Bonvoy Suite Night Awards are not as valuable as Marriott would like everyone to think. Sometimes, they can be utterly useless. Still, having Suite Night Awards in your account is better than not having any at all so when Marriott appeared to have extended the validity of some of my SNAs to the end of this year I was pleased. Surprised, but pleased.

This is the kind of nonsense Marriott Bonvoy needs to cut out

There are a number of serious issues with the Marriott Bonvoy program and a lot of them are a result of Marriott allowing various brands and individual properties to plow their own furrow and to pick and choose what aspects of the Bonvoy program they want to adopt.

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